New Perspectives on Canadian Employment Law: Human Rights, Discrimination and Recruitment

Find Melanie Reist in the “New Perspectives on Canadian Employment Law” published by LexisNexis Canada October 2014. Melanie writes about human rights, discrimination and recruitment in the workplace.  This new book provides employers and their advisors with a guide to recent developments in employment issues, as well as areas of employment law that have undergone significant changes.

This is a unique project where the contributing writers invested thier time and waived any remuneration so that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the following worthy causes: Lawyers Feed the Hungry and Lawyers International Food Entrerprise (LIFE).

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About Melanie Reist

Melanie Reist has over 30 years of employment law expertise.

With her strong employment law background, Melanie is also an effective mediator who can assist parties in resolving workplace conflicts as well as disputes which have gone to litigation.

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