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Divorce, separation, and child custody situations can be contentious. Sometimes, this is due to high emotions and hurt feelings. But often times, these proceedings become contentious due to the adversarial nature of court proceedings. Even when settlements are negotiated without court in the traditional manner, they can quickly become ‘positional’ and contentious.

In court, the separating parties typically “communicate” through letters between lawyers, who speak for them in court. And in the end, someone is typically the “winner,” and the other, the “loser.” Is it any wonder that people come out the other side with feelings of bitterness?

Collaborative practice, also known as “collaborative family law,” or “collaborative divorce,” is a much more open process for resolving legal matters. All parties come together and have real meetings, where issues are discussed according to an agenda and timeline. Each person gets to contribute and work cooperatively to come up with resolutions that are fair and reasonable. The parties speak to each other directly, respectfully and constructively with a spirit of compromise.

Collaborative practice requires special training and accreditation. Charles Morrison was one of the first local lawyers to train in this user-friendly process.

Morrison Reist Krauss - Family Law

What You Need To Know

Collaborative practice may be an ideal choice if:

  • You and your spouse are able to maintain a high degree of cordiality and respect despite your separation
  • You and your spouse approach each other as equal partners
  • You want more control over the outcome of your separation, rather than relying on a third party to make decisions on your behalf
  • You don’t have the stomach for the adversarial nature of court proceedings or the inefficiencies of traditional “negotiation by correspondence”
  • You want your separation to be completed more quickly and creatively than a traditional proceeding

How We Can Help

While there is no guarantee that you and your spouse will come to an agreement, most Morrison Reist Krauss clients who choose collaborative practice do reach a successful outcome.

A multi-disciplinary team which, in addition to your collaborative lawyers, may include financial experts and parenting experts help you and your spouse come up with creative solutions that work for you and your unique family circumstances.

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