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Separation and divorce are never easy. But these situations become even more emotional and complex when there are children involved. Finding the right custody, parenting, and time sharing solution for your children can often be overwhelming and downright scary.

…And with good reason. There are many misconceptions about the process, and everyone has heard horror stories from friends and acquaintances. Walking into this situation, you may not know the process, you may be confused about your rights, and you’re likely nervous that your relationship with your child will be negatively impacted or that they will be “taken away.”

Morrison Reist Krauss - Family Law

What You Need To Know

Morrison Reist Krauss is here to help as you navigate this emotional time for you and your family. Our goal is to:

Our team can represent you in a traditional custody proceeding, mediation, or collaborative family law negotiation where both parties attend together and work out an agreement cooperatively.

Morrison Reist Krauss - Family Law

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Our team can represent you in a traditional court proceeding, a collaborative family law negotiation, or a non-collaborative separation agreement negotiation.

If you are curious about the process, if you’re considering separating from your spouse or partner, if you are separated, or are responding to legal documents served by your spouse, it’s time to talk to Morrison Reist Krauss. We can schedule a meeting to go over your situation, discuss your options and give you peace of mind before taking any action.

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