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In workplace complaints alleging harassment, bullying, and human rights violations an employer has a legal obligation to conduct an appropriate investigation. In addition, from time to time there may be cases of general employee misconduct where an external investigation can be very effective. In either case, an ineffective or incomplete investigation can create serious liability and be very disruptive to a business.

Hiring a seasoned workplace investigator is crucial for uncovering all relevant information regarding a case. Internal teams are not always equipped to handle detailed investigations and Ontario courts have awarded significant damages against employers where internal investigations went wrong. An external investigator can mean the difference between a reasonable resolution and a damaging outcome.

Morrison Reist Krauss - Employment Law

What You Need To Know

It is wise to hire an external investigator when:

  • Your business does not employ an in-house human resources or legal team
  • The complaint includes sensitive situations involving someone in senior leadership
  • Highly sensitive or confidential materials involved in the investigation must be contained

Morrison Reist Krauss has valuable experience conducting thorough workplace investigations. Because we are litigators, we are uniquely qualified to:

  • Test and weigh evidence
  • Ask the right probing questions
  • Assess witness credibility
  • Understand the crucial importance of impartiality
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How We Can Help

Morrison Reist Krauss conducts investigations of complaints of:

    • Hostile work environment
    • Bullying
    • Harassment
    • Discrimination
    • Human Rights Code violations
    • General misconduct

    If you have received a complaint, call Morrison Reist Krauss today to learn more about our process and the ways we can help you navigate the investigation process thoroughly and effectively.

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