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If you’ve experienced a change in your employment status, dramatic changes in your responsibilities at work, or are attempting to thrive in a toxic workplace environment, you’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed, lost, and frustrated.

That’s why we’re here ‒ a team of employment law experts, who can provide you with trustworthy, strategic advice. Morrison Reist Krauss represents employees in a variety of situations, including:

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Employment law in Ontario can feel complex and is ever-evolving, but ultimately, it’s in place to protect you, the employee. When your workplace is no longer working for you, it’s well within your rights to seek a fair resolution. Advice from Google or a well-meaning friend can be helpful, or harmful, depending on your unique circumstances. In order to make the best decisions, you need the best information. You’ll find that ‒ and more ‒ with an experienced employment lawyer.

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