Thank You, Charles

Charles Morrison, one of the founding partners of Morrison Reist Krauss LLP, may be retiring, but his impact will continue. After 44 years of legal practice, we would be remiss not to mark this moment and celebrate Charles’ contribution to our firm and to the practice of Family Law in Ontario. 

Charles Morrison and Melanie Reist toasting to their new firm in the 1980s

Charles’ approach to life and to work is one of deep integrity. His innovative spirit fostered a workplace that broke the mold, holding a high standard for his work and for the way people ought to be treated. Charles actively valued and supported each member of the team at Morrison Reist Krauss LLP, recognizing their unique contribution and personhood. In the litigious world of law, he created an environment of excellence where ego had no place but humour was welcome. 

Building a law firm culture where people thrive is not easy work. Charles’ diligence to care well for people produced palpable results, visible in the joy he brought to others. Melanie Reist, who founded Morrison Reist Krauss LLP with Charles, reflects: “He kept me sane. He was an immeasurable mentor, colleague, and friend. He had a way of making us all feel better and calmer, even in difficult times”.

Charles Morrison, Melanie Reist, and Pamela Krauss pose dressed up in costumes from the 1920sAs a lawyer, Charles was one of the pioneers of collaborative Family Law in Kitchener-Waterloo, offering agency and dignity to families finding their way through the contentious world of divorce and child custody. This innovative approach gives parties the option to work with lawyers who facilitate alternative dispute resolution, resulting in less litigation and more constructively built agreements. For many families, it was a breath of fresh air in trying times.   

Charles helped to build a boutique law firm that celebrates people. We are grateful for this moment to celebrate him. Thank you, Charles! Enjoy all that retirement has to offer knowing you have done so well by us.




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